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Texmex food on the table.

Texmex recipes by Sanja Alisic


makes approx. 16


7.5 dl wheat flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

0.75 dl olive oil

2.5 dl warm water

  • Mix the salt and baking powder with the flour.
  • Add oil and water to make a dough.
  • Form the dough into 16 balls and let rest for at least thirty minutes.
  • Heat the frying pan.
  • Press one dough ball at a time in the tortilla press and cook on the hot pan from thirty to sixty seconds on each side, depending on the temperature of the pan. Tortillas should be soft, but they should still have small brown spots.


3 avocadoes

Juice of 1 lime

1 tsp salt

1 small red onion

1 dl fresh coriander, finely chopped

2 ripe, soft tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

  • Blend the avocadoes into a paste and add lime juice.
  • Add salt and mix well.
  • Chop the other vegetables finely, add the avocado paste and mix well.


Not salsa but pico de gallo

Do you know the difference between salsa and pico de gallo? Pico de gallo is the fresh version of salsa. This means that you need the same ingredients as for salsa, but you do not need to boil them. This makes pico de gallo a fresh, low-calorie condiment to all Tex-Mex dishes, which you can make in an instant. You can also serve it as a dip, side dish and salad.

You only need five ingredients (and a pinch of salt)

600 g ripe, soft tomatoes

1 red onion

½ pot of fresh coriander, finely chopped

1 jalapeno

Juice of ½ lime

½ tsp salt

  • Chop the onion and the jalapeno, place in a bowl, add salt and lime juice and mix.
  • Let marinate while you chop the tomatoes and coriander.
  • Mix together and serve.


Fajita spice mix

1 tsp salt

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp red paprika powder

1 tsp smoked paprika powder

2 tsp chili powder

1 tsp jeera

  • Mix in a bowl and place in a jar.
  • Use approximately 2 tsp per 500 g of chicken strips or other meat.


You’ll find the original blog post in Finnish here.

Uunijuurekset Simple-uunivuoassa.

Roasted root vegetables

Delicious roasted root vegetables make an excellent side dish, especially for meat or chicken. Take your favourite root vegetables, season them and roast in the oven to make a tasty dish.


  • root vegetables, such as beetroots, red onions, carrots, parsnips and swedes
  • a dash of cooking oil
  • honey
  • Herbes de Provence spice mix

Peel and chop the root vegetables into suitable chunks and put them in a roasting tin.
Add a dash of oil and season with honey and herbs. Mix well.
Cook in the oven at 175°C for approx 45 minutes.


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Oven baked omelet in one box

A velvety Italian oven baked omelet. You can prepare the oven baked omelet directly in the lunch box, and the handle allows you to reheat the omelet by a campfire or in a fireplace.

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Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie

The spring lemon meringue pie tastes wonderfully fresh. This lemon delicacy gets a little extra kick from the black pepper. The pie is also great for the Easter coffee table.

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Runeberg tarts

These cupcakes are a makeover of the classic Runeberg torte, made with the trendy, bitter flavour of the amber Italian apéritif Aperol. What’s in store is a February treat that is full of orange flavour.

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Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls

Have a delicious day with a cinnamon roll!

A combination of two classics, carrot cake and cinnamon rolls, is the perfect baked good for the autumn harvest. The recipe by Anna from Pilvilinna has the flavours of carrot cake baked in a cinnamon roll.

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Sunny Runeberg cake

This cake is a makeover of the classic Runeberg torte, made with the trendy, bitter flavour of the amber Italian apéritif Aperol. What’s in store is a February treat that is full of orange flavour.

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Arancini, Italian risotto balls, are an absolute favourite to many people when it comes to fried foods. Arancini is also an excellent leftover dish, because you can make them from risotto made the day before. Continue reading…

Blueberry Crumb Cake

This quick-to-mix batter is perfect for baking a blueberry crumb cake. The secret is in its delicious crumb topping, sprinkled over the berries. Frozen blueberries work wonderfully for this recipe, too.

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Whipped raspberry porridge

An airily whipped velvet-smooth porridge can also be made from raspberries. This retro delicacy is suitable both for breakfast and as a snack. With ice-cold milk of course!

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Grilled cauliflower

Perhaps the easiest barbecue food of the summer is grilled cauliflower. This simple, quickly prepared and healthy summer delight is delicious for everybody including meat lovers.

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Pike balls

Pike is a mild-tasting fish, which people often (needlessly) turn their nose up at because of its boniness. Pike balls are a wonderful way to offer this lake fish without bones. Light and delicious pike balls really have a summer taste. Try them!

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Pomegranate Sima

Everyone knows that sima is a part of Vappu, Finnish labour day, but it is also a wonderful, refreshing drink for raising a glass at other spring and summertime celebrations. Continue reading…

Orange Rice Pudding

This light and airy, fruity dessert classic will entice diners with the freshness of spring. Orange rice pudding is easy to make and an excellent choice for serving after Easter festivities.

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Mango Mousse

This creamy mousse is the easiest dessert to make for Easter. Cubes of mango will brighten up the rich flavour of the dish beautifully. For a more adult version, a splash of Cointreau will add a lively and citrusy note. You won’t need any gelatine for making this dessert, as mascarpone will make the mousse just firm enough.

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Paskha Cake by Anna from Pilvilinna

The finishing touch for an Easter meal is a delectable paskha cake. Its rich yet mild flavour is brightened up by the tangingly sweet aroma from the juice of roasted lemons. This cake is from the Pilvilinna home bakery of pastry chef Anna Jaatinen and made possible through our partnership with her.

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American Pancakes

These thick and spongy pancakes are traditionally eaten for breakfast, but you can also have them for dessert or whenever you have a craving for them.

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Runeberg Tosca Delight

February celebrates Runeberg Day. This moist and sweet, almondy treat is an amazing fusion of two well-known baked goods, taking the topping from a tosca cake and having the batter in ramekins rather than the familiar cylindrical shape of a traditional Runeberg torte. Try this delightful combination in honour of the Finnish national poet, J. L. Runeberg, and enjoy!

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Oven-roasted whitefish

It’s easy to roast whole whitefish in the oven. This white, fresh fish has a mild and delicate flavour and only needs to be lightly seasoned to enjoy.

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Sand cake

This dreamy-soft and fluffy sand cake is best paired with sweet jam. The trick is to use boiling-hot butter.

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Chocolate fondant

A chocolate fondant is an indulgent chocolatey treat with a molten chocolate centre. The fondant can either be turned out onto a plate and garnished with ice cream and berries, or simply enjoyed still in its little ramekin dish. Maku Kitchen Life’s mini casserole dishes are perfect for cooking and serving chocolate fondants in. Continue reading…

Liquorice and lemon in a jar

Hit spring flavours lemon and liquorice have found their way into the same jar. The sourness of the lemon perfectly complements the sweetness of the liquorice to form an excellent flavour combination.

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Flavoured water

Fall in love with these light and refreshing flavoured waters! Try homemade flavoured water in place of juices, soft drinks and punches. When it comes to flavour combinations, your imagination is the only limit. Continue reading…

New Christmas Casseroles

Now the traditional Finnish potato, swede and carrot casseroles have new challengers! Surprise your friends and loved ones by trying out something different this Christmas.
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Sous Vide Tenderloin

A juicy, perfect steak. Is there anything better? Try using a sous vide cooker! A sous vide cooker cooks food evenly at a temperature that is just right, Continue reading…

Virgin Mojito

So beautiful and so refreshing! The mojito is a classic drink which should definitely be enjoyed with friends in cheerful company or by yourself while sunbathing.
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Slowly Stewed Pork

Stews warm you up during the autumn rains and winter frost. Stewing meat slowly enhances and deepens the flavours. Try our over-cooked pork stew.
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Pot Bread

A delicious, crunchy pot bread is easy to make without kneading or grease. The bread acquires a crunchy crust while baking in a hot pot, and since the dough is let to rise for several hours, it is particularly soft and tasty.
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Sweet and colourful macarons are a feast for the eyes, and they elevate even the bleakest of weekday coffee breaks.
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The Perfect Cup of Coffee

A cup of full-bodied, aromatic coffee is a true taste sensation! In addition to the quality of the water and ground coffee grounds, the preparation method and the measure of coffee also affect the taste. Continue reading…