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Taupen ja terrakottan väriset Simple-astiat.

The Simple tableware set is simple and down to earth

Now that it’s becoming clear that winter has come once again, one just wants to build a nest, fortify in there and line it with everything beautiful, delicious and warm.

Winter trends include e.g. earthy colors, round shapes, and ceramic materials. Simple tableware are all that, so they are just like made for a cozy kitchen. The set is so beautiful in its simplicity and practicality that it can very well be used in a table setting or displayed on an open shelf. But unlike a plate purchased from a souvenir booth, these dishes endure a microwave, oven, freezer as well as a dishwasher.

And because the Maku range also has its softer side, it includes kitchen textiles that match the colors of the Simple tableware, with patterns that continue the same natural and simple line.

Lovely oven roots are very suitable for the uncomplicated and down-to-earth theme, and you can find a recipe here.

A woman moving tortilla from a pan to tortilla warmer.

Mexican style cooking together with friends and family

Mexican food has become very popular in the Nordic countries and especially in Finland. It has become a favorite food especially for young people and families with children, because it can be prepared together using fresh ingredients. In the fillings of tacos, enchiladas and burritos, only the imagination is the limit, so they can easily be made for example vegan or be stuffed with loss food.

We have now introduced new inspiring products to make it easier for people to make fresh, homemade Mexican delicacies. With the new Maku Kitchen Life tortilla press and pan, you can make tasteful tortillas yourself and with a tortilla warmer you can keep them warm. Small salsa and guacamole bowls are well suited for Mexican-inspired table setting.

Maku Kitchen Life products go perfectly with a beautiful kitchen, delicious food and good company. They are durable, easy-to-use and functionally designed in order to make your cooking more pleasurable. Their great price-quality value is just the cherry on top!

The kitchen is a place where you enjoy spending time and a Maku Kitchen is a place where you enjoy staying a long time.

Food Waste Week 13–19 September

“Is that a moldy piece of cheese in the depths of the fridge? Oh, and here are some cold cuts too, but I wonder how old they are … do we dare eat them?”

Fleeting, everyday thoughts that lead to over a million kilos of food waste each year in Finland alone. Finns throw away an average of 20–25 kg of food each a year – worth around €100.

There are lots of reasons to reduce the amount of food waste we produce – from saving money to saving the planet. And the latter is no joke. If food waste were a country, its carbon footprint would be the third largest in the world, after those of China and the USA.

There are plenty of ways to reduce food waste. By changing attitudes and through small, everyday choices, we can influence the amount of food waste our own household produces significantly. If you can manage to stop for a moment to think about and plan how to buy your food, where to buy it from, and how much to get, as well as how any leftover food can be used up, and how it can be used further in general, then sure enough, you should see a fall in the amount of waste you produce and money you spend on food.

For example, how and where left-over or close-to-expiry food is stored is one key factor. If it is kept in the fridge in a transparent box that you see right away when you open the door, you will be less likely to forget about it and leave it to go off. If you keep a roll of masking tape and a pen nearby, you can mark the date on the side of the container, giving you more confidence in deciding whether those cold cuts can still be eaten. A removable mesh basket inside the container prevents moisture from seeping into the food, ensuring fruit and vegetables remain fresh for longer. Small, but surprisingly significant things.




Do you know how long various foods can be left in the fridge on average (+2–5 °C)?
Milk 7 days

Meat 3–5 days

Minced meat 1–2 days

Fish 1 day

Cold cuts 5–7 days

Pre-prepared foods 3–4 days

Sauces, porridges 1–2 days


Here are a few ideas of things to make from food that might otherwise go to waste:


Quesadillas are a great option even for tortilla wraps that have dried out a little. Toast all kinds of fillings that you might otherwise throw away between two wraps with cheese. Pieces of cheese that are getting old can be grated and frozen, allowing you to add a little sprinkling of grated cheese to all kinds of different foods.


Cut old, dried out bread into pieces and fry it in a frying pan with butter, salt and garlic. This also works excellently with rye bread.

Pyttipannu hash

Let’s not forget the old favorite, pyttipannu hash, which you make with potatoes, root vegetables, sausages, cold cuts, meat balls, and all kinds of other things. Have you tried making pyttipannu hash from raw potato? It may take longer to make, but the end result is oh so delicious. A splash of cream in your pyttipannu hash makes for a great addition.


If a banana starts to look past its best before you manage to eat it, cut it into cubes, freeze it, and use it gradually in smoothies.


Food is wonderful and it deserves our respect. Hopefully more and more people will make a bit of healthy scrimping part of their everyday life and think about what they can do to reduce their food waste.

Thank You for the Wonderful Fair!

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Wine and Food 2016 Fair

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